*TRP Giveaway! Thank you for all the bloglove.




Drawing has happened (see the winners HERE)!  Thanks to everyone, and if you’re interested in purchasing a wrist strap, go HERE.IMG_5723

I wanted to thank you all for the continued support and conversation.  While I will not be retiring off of my blog anytime soon, I have loved building it and watching it grow over the years.  I try to keep any and all commercialization to a bare minimum here as I know how often we’re all bombarded with offers and urges to purchase certain things.  I have chosen to keep this blog as a personal passion project and have slowly and hopefully inoffensively added affiliate links where applicable.

That said, I have been working on a new project (which many of you have probably already figured out) and before I release it to the world to try and make enough money to keep justifying the time spent on the blog, I want to reward three of you with a freebie.  I will be announcing my new hand built camera wrist straps soon and before that, I wanted to give away a wrist strap to three of my readers.

So, here’s the part where you can sign up for the drawing.  You get your name entered in once for each sign up as follows:

1. Like TRP on Facebook HERE

2. Follow me on Twitter HERE


3. Sign up to receive articles via Email at the top right of the page where is says “Email Subscription”

Once done, the final step is to place a comment below in this article mentioning which of the three you’ve done and you will place your self in the drawing (once, twice, thrice or A FOURTH entry if you do all three).

The drawing will take place when I post the official wrist strap article in the coming weeks.  Once a name has been drawn, I will move on to another name if drawn again (you can only win once).  I’ll contact you to let you know and get all your info.

If you’ve already done any (or all of those), simply mention it in the comments below and let me know if you go by a different name on Facebook and your Twitter Handle so that I know who’s who.  Feel free to even link to your FB or Twitter accounts so that all of us can continue to network…

The drawing will be for a wrist strap of your choice and I will pay to ship it within the US.  If you’re outside of the US, we will figure out an affordable way to ship it and we can work that out at that time.

Thank you guys for continuing to read my ramblings.  I love doing this, and have greatly enjoyed getting to know many of you over the years.

Cheers and happy shooting,



56 thoughts on “*TRP Giveaway! Thank you for all the bloglove.

  1. Well, I already like you on Facebook, and I am the notification list, but don’t have any idea how Twitter works so will leave that be. And if I don’t win I will look forward to the article in hopes it announces your new wrist strap shop.


  2. Great idea man, did the whole shabang a while ago except twitter, which I’ve recently acquired so have just done that. That’s all 4 man! Good luck with the wrist straps pal! They look great!


      • Geordon on both though I think you need geordon.portice for the actual FB page.

        You have to show how these fasten the camera. I spent two days shooting video and stills of girls gymnastics over the weekend with my new GM1 and 12-32mm kit lens. Fashioned a homemade wrist strap from a drawstring. Need something more secure like yours or a paracord strap.


      • Thanks Geordon. With an “artist” page on FB, I can’t follow or like anyone which I find weird, and haven’t found either name on the recent like list, but I’ll keep looking.

        I have a pamphlet that will go with each strap showing how to attach it, as well as illustrated on the blog post 🙂

        I use a 2mm dyneema cord which I splice into a closed loop. It’s break strength is 22x that of steel at the same weight, so it’s amazingly strong. It also does not cut easily (I need to use a special ceramic blade) so it is very secure. The actual wrist portion is a braided combination of Dyneema and Cordura which is soft to the touch, and also very strong. I hope to be able to show this strength in a video when I post the official release 🙂

        Thanks Geordonx3



  3. Great idea – I love the designs! I’ve been reading for awhile, but never commented – great way to get me to come out and say I love reading your blog and your GX7 posts helped me immensely in my decision to buy one.
    Here’s my entries:
    Facebook :Katherine McAdoo
    Twitter : @corgiscocktails
    E-Mail Sub : hello AT kitkatherine.com

    Can’t wait until you launch these – love them!


  4. Liked you on fb and signed up for emails, but don’t do twitter. I really like your straps and would love to use it on my gx7. Hope they turn out to be a big winner for you.


  5. Hi.
    Never tried a hand-strap on my GX7. Looking forward to try yours, looks good.
    Follow on twitter (ptpwpiptptpepr) and just joined for email.


    • Thanks Pedro! x2

      Once I went wrist strap, especially for the smaller m4/3 bodies, I’ve not gone back and have since also replaced my traditional neck straps on the DSLR’s. I’ve also bought a black rapid strap which easily attaches to the 1/4-20 tripod thread on the camera so if I need a neck/shoulder strap, I don’t have to go through the pain of getting the webbing wound through the lugs, and cinches on the straps themselves. The BR neckstrap is quick, secure and easy. I won’t go back 🙂



  6. Do you have a heavy duty 2-inch across wrist strap, especially when I’m using the Olympus ZD 35-100mm f/2.0? 😀 I think I need a bit more with my equipment.

    It looks as though people are warming to the idea of following and reading your blog. Yay!


    • Hi Nobuyuki,

      I don’t currently, and will be playing around with new types of line as I work with the factory to develop them, but as is, the 10mm (black and white currently) is pretty comfortable and plenty strong. I use them on my full frame cams with the 70-200, or 300mm/2.8’s on them. Far more comfortable for me than hanging that on my neck 🙂

      And, I know you have been a long time follower, commenter and contributor, so you are at a x4 🙂



      • My straps are usually in the way. I finally got a Crumpler brand “Convenient Disgrace” strap that’s vented at the neck, but I generally only use straps when my hands are busy and I can’t put the camera down.

        I bought an Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom yesterday. It’s been interesting already–that 135 format equivalent of 24mm is so useful over the 28mm.


      • I agree. Over the last few years, my shooting has largely been either interior, on a tripod where any straps, wrist included are bothersome, or while following the kiddos around. I found out pretty quickly with kid #1 that by having my camera around my neck, it created a bit of a wrecking ball when I’d need to quickly stoop down to pick him up or hold his hand providing some very close calls and inevitable trips to the doctor to stitch up the gashes that a few pounds of gravity driven metal and glass would produce.

        I just saw that you got the 12-40 on G+! Congrats man. It looks like a winner, and I totally agree about the 12mm vs 14mm on the wide side. It’s the main reason I’m holding onto the little 12-32 pancake zoom. In decent light and stopped down, it’s a great little lens and the 24mm e-fov is really handy.


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