*Shooting the Hotel Lucia for the ELK Collective


ELK - lucia7

Simple, clean, sleek and comfortable. A proposed redesign of one of Portland’s premier downtown hotels. With views of skyscrapers and the cacauphony of Broadway pulsing through the heart of Downtown Portland, the photography-centric hotel needed a revamp.

ELK - lucia2

Pulling from the concept that the hotel is built around, being “light” and namely capturing that light, it is kind of fun as a photographer to get to tag along on a project for a hotel that touts itself as a photo-centric establishment.

ELK - luciadesk

As always, I feel lucky to get to work with my friends at the ELK Collective (visit us here), and really enjoy their collaborative vision and execution which always has the client’s needs at the center of each design decision. Well on ya guys.

Happy shooting,



One thought on “*Shooting the Hotel Lucia for the ELK Collective

  1. wow, looks great. I love how strong you’ve got the blue of the bed spread. Pulls you into the image, then your eye starts to explore the rest of the shot. Really great shot!


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