*Problems reading this? You’re using Internet Explorer aren’t you.

It has been brought to my attention that my site is difficult to read for certain folks due to the text shrinking down to a minuscule font size. Turns out that WordPress, (at least certain themes, mine being one of them) does not play well with IE (most complaints I’ve been able to find site IE8). A fix? Unfortunately not really, although make sure those of you choosing to use IE, to set your browser’s default text size to 100% and that IE 8 is not viewing the site in Compatibility Mode as this renders the site as if it was being viewed in IE 7, which might be causing problems. Of course, if you are using IE, you probably can’t read this :). You can always use Firefox or Chrome too, they’re both free, and probably more stable anyway.

I’m sorry for the compatibility issues, I will continue to try and find a fix, but it seems like IE is going to have to update its compatibility before these types of problems will go away entirely, unfortunately.

Cheers and happy shooting,



7 thoughts on “*Problems reading this? You’re using Internet Explorer aren’t you.

  1. You always look fine to me, but then, I use Chrome. It always irritates me when sites, usually government, make online forms that only work in I.E.


  2. Internet Explorer? Wow. friends don’t let friends use IE if at all possible. (Except in DoD, where IE is the mandated browser, and then it often does not work properly.)


  3. Works great for me on IE 10 on win8 and windows phone 8 is fine. I liked opera as an alternative when on older phones and vista


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