*Lensbaby’s brand new Edge 80 Optic!

February 14th, 2012 – Uh oh, don’t look now.  Lensbaby has further diversified their lineup with a sharp, solid portrait lens with the same quirky capability of that signature Lensbaby look…  It’s been a busy winter for Lensbaby.  Out now and available immediately, the new Edge 80 optic.  Like the Sweet 35 before it, the Edge 80 has the ability to control the aperture of the optic without having to use the magnetic drop in disks necessary with the standard optics.  An 80mm f/2.8 Flat Field focus Optic with a 12 blade circular, user controlled aperture mechanism is great for anything from portraits to street shooting.  Read on for more examples and links…

Image © Lensbaby

A short tele focal length that wonderfully compliments the 35mm Sweet 35.  I can’t help but think this is a sign that Lensbaby is looking at making more optics that are both higher performing and more user friendly for a more discerning experience.  Both fun, and uniquely functional.

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As with all Lensbaby optics, the Edge 80 produces a sweet spot, surrounded by a gradual out of focus blur enabling selective focus in camera with the effect getting more and more subtle as you stop down.  BUT, one unique skill the Edge 80 offers is that it will focus sharply edge to edge when perfectly centered according to the new release.  I shot a preproduction tester, and I was excited to go all willy nilly with it, so I don’t have any examples but will post some if and when I get my hands on a production model.  This optic now adds a true head and shoulders portrait lens to the Lensbaby lineup.  Senior portraits, wedding shots, street shooting all with quick and responsive control which helps make these Lensbaby optics more usable in a variety of shooting situations.

Image © Lensbaby

With a close focus distance of as close as 17″ when the barrel is extended (for close focus) this optic will certainly offer some fun options to an otherwise joyful system.  It has a 46mm front thread, so it isn’t compatible with any of the add on 37mm Lensbaby filters.  The Edge 80 is also not compatible with the Micro 4/3 and NEX Tilt Transformers sadly, but can be used with any other current Lensbaby.

I’m a big fan, but you guys know that already 🙂  Available directly through Lensbaby for $300, the Edge 80 is a more serious investment by Lensbaby standards, but this isn’t a standard Lensbaby optic.  A sharp lens with 5 multicoated glass elements in 4 groups that can be used in a variety of ways.  Have a look for yourself at Lensbaby.com (click here) for more info, links and examples.

Happy shooting!


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