*Hill Head, England

Hill Head, Fareham, England.  A town that resides between the south coast cities of Portsmouth and Southampton, just across the water from the Isle of Wight.  Being that my day job consists of manufacturing components that end up in sails for water faring vehicles, it only makes sense that I’d have a distributor on one of the larger island nations in the world.  Lots of water = lots of boats.

Just so happens that my distributor is on the south coast of this island nation in a beautiful area.  I guess I’m lucky that my grown up job has me galavanting around the world meeting and collaborating with people who love to do what they do.  It’s also nice that I’m getting to travel to locations where boats are, as there really is no sense in selling sailing equipment to or from places where the sail boats aren’t.  This means water.  This also means no major trade shows or customers in areas without water, beaches, lakes, rivers… you get the idea.  I am a pisces after all.  I’ve been off travelling for the last 10 days or so, as I am every year at this time for the largest marine industry trade show in the world which happens in Amsterdam (post to follow I’m sure).  We’ve always tried to take advantage of this annual necessity to visit with friends and associates in Europe while we’re over here.  This year, Mrs Squeeze and LBWHF stayed back (not by choice, but to the great enjoyment of our collective bank accounts) so I carried on without them.

I stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Hill Head by the name of Longfield.  Kath and Eric were the essence of British humility and hospitality.  If ever you are in their neck of the woods, please look them up.  Their home is beautiful, the rooms are comfortable and Kath makes a mean full English.

I guess what I am saying is that even though photography isn’t my full time job, I get to bring it with me wherever I go.  This time, I went to Hill Head, and here are a couple of pictures of it.

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Happy shooting!


5 thoughts on “*Hill Head, England

  1. Well, what’s not to like. Now it can be said that two bloggers like this post. I want to go there someday too, as I have always wanted a collection of U.K. pictures to occupy my own computer hard drive space. I think I see a future for you, assuming the earth returns to some semblance of civility and golden days of tourism, of not only a premier photographer, but maybe a travel writer as well? Anyway, keep up the good work and keep sharing it with the rest of us. We need to know there’s someone like Kath out there, and to see for ourselves whether or not she makes a mean full English (I’m sure she does!). Thanks again.


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