*Fractalius for Mac!?


Topaz Glow

Using Topaz Glow in place of Topaz Clean gives me much better results.


No, the developers of Fractalius haven’t quite broken down and offered those of us using macs the plugin we’ve been pining for, but I have found a way to get similar results.  You may have seen a very cool effect in the threads or photo pools in your favorite photography forum.  I, like many, found myself attracted to the effect produced and became discouraged when I found out that the software that enabled the digital artists I’d been admiring, was a Windows only program.  I’m no fanboy, nor do I get paid to push one brand over another so I in no way mean to stoke any ‘which is better’ type conversation, but merely pass along a work around that I’ve found to create a similar effect for very, very little money…

The program is called Topaz Glow, and it’s awesome (see it via Topaz Labs HERE).

You can see my new, user review on Topaz Glow HERE.



Enjoy and we’d love to see any examples in our flickr group HERE!
Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

22 thoughts on “*Fractalius for Mac!?

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  4. Just tried it on a picture I took of a parrot. Didn’t bother resizing it, just boosted the sharpness up to max and it looks fantastic!


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  9. I found an app called “Tangled FX” for Ipad/Iphone that does a great job. Has some nice basic pre-sets as well…very easy to use. (about 2 bucks) Loaded it onto my Ipad and am good to go. Have been waiting on this for a while. Don’t know if the original creator of Fractalius had a hand in it or not. Here is an example of it, that I tried:


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