*Photovision 2011 discount!

Well, the last time I posted the photovision discount I wasn’t sure if the purchaser would be purchasing the 2010 series (which I found to be very informative, but a little repetative) or the upcoming and recently started 2011 series which has added some real working pros that I’ve actually heard of along with more content per disk.

For those not familiar with Photovision, it is a series of 6 issues on DVD that includes behind the scenes interviews and over the shoulder shooting while professional photographers ply their trade.  Some of the information involved in the 2010 season has been invaluable.  There were a couple “participants” that I was getting rather tired of listening to toward the end, but they’ve lost a few of those folks and added contributors like Joel Grimes who, is a badass.  For this alone, I am completely stoked on this new season.  By clicking on the following link and entering the promo code “PVFAN” you too can receive the 6 DVD series (2.5 – 3 hrs per DVD) for a 75% discount!  Normally $199, using the link and code will drop it down to $49.


If you are interested in setting up your own photo business, have your own business or just enjoy watching working photographers as they shoot and share their settings, techniques, marketing tactics, post production tricks and trade secrets, it is well worth it.  I have already signed up for 2011.  I won’t lie, I get entered into a drawing for a 5DmkII for each subscription that is purchased through my link, so I’d be greatly in debt to anyone who is interested purchasing through this link, but regardless, I do think it is a worthwhile, educational and entertaining investment and wouldn’t be posting this if I felt otherwise, promise 🙂

Happy shooting,



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