I’m going to depart from the regularly scheduled programing here and post a more personal rambling.  I’m a bit drunk with adoration currently as I have always loved coming to Paris.  Here are a couple shots from the last few days.

I’m lucky enough to be writing this from an apartment in the 5th arrondissement.  While rain has been liberally falling upon the cobbled streets and gravel walks here in the city of lights, it hasn’t stopped me from waking at strange hours and jaunting through the alleys searching for a shot or two.  This is the third time I’ve been able to wander through this wonderful city and I must say, it continues to excite and humble me.  Nothing special, just a few quick shots that happened to catch my eye.

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While it has been nice to have Mrs Squeeze’s laptop, I have been wishing for my normal workflow tools!  I’m used to processing my pics with software like Photoshop, the Alien Skin and Nik plugins,  Aperture/Lightroom w/presets, etc available to me and it’s been an interesting adjustment having only iPhoto (and Photomatix) on this laptop.  Well, less processing means more time to take pictures I guess.  We’re here for a couple more days, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

10 thoughts on “*Paris

  1. Tyson!
    I clicked on your link on facebook and was sooo pleasantly surprised!!!
    What are ya’ll doin in Paris?
    We love that city, and have been talking about taking an extended stay there for a few months at some point after Miami…I would enroll in a French language immersion program if we did.
    Any way great to see you two adventuring, inspiring as always
    Give my love to the Mrs. and little baby whats his face 😉 ahahahah sooo funny!


    • I’ve got some work going on next week in Amsterdam and we try to do a little traveling whenever I get to come over here. So, this year it’s Paris (the last time we came over it was also Paris…) I’d love to get to live here for a couple months. Let us know if you need a traveling band of groupies, the Robichaud clan would be happy to oblige. It was great to get to see you guys, and look forward to your return to the wild wet northwest.


  2. Beautiful shots Tyson! You’re tempting me to get on a train and head up there! It’s just so beautiful. Try to check out the Musee Carnavalet (a free museum in the Marais, about the history of Paris. It’s housed in a once private house): http://bit.ly/dA360z

    Which camera are you using most?

    Have fun!


    • Merci Andree,

      Unfortunately we leave tomorrow morning, but I have your link bookmarked for the next time we’re able to visit. It looks very cool.

      I’ve been using the 5DII and 35/1.4 combo mostly (I love the pairing), but the GF1/20mm combo has been in my pocket the entire week and I’ve still shot quite a bit with it. Having the little one with us has left me less time to shoot freely, as I had anticipated, but having the GF1 for quick shots, and videos, has been perfect. Have you pulled the trigger on a camera yet?



    • Hi Jennifer!

      Traveling has been fine aside from everything out of our power going to absolute crap. All in all, he has done amazingly and has been enjoying himself. As long as we’re not having to rush through a train station, or airport, the whole traveling with a one year old has been cake. Of course, we try to circumvent situations by giving ourselves a little extra time to ease the travel days, which have severely backfired in that every single plane or train has been either delayed or canceled which would be frustrating without a kid in tow, but having a tired, hungry, dirty little guy not understanding why we’re doing what we’re doing (or not doing in these cases) has been a little exhausting, but all in all, it’s been great.

      How are you guys doing? How is it being a parent? Kinda turns things upside down eh?

      I hope all is going well


  3. SO jealous right now!! stunning shots, my freng. while you are with your sweet family in the most romantical city in the mundo, i am at home with rain in the sky and fuzz on my 5D sensor…how did that get there??! happy travels & keep clicking!!


    • Boy, you certainly wouldn’t be jealous if we were to tell you about our train trip from hell. Belguim was underwater and a 3 hour train ride north to Amsterdam turned into a 9+ hour “adventure.” Well, we’re finally in AMS w/ a sleeping child (who has done amazingly well all things considered). Almost like the universe is punishing us for trying to bring LBWHF along for the ride… (see his blog for further details). Luckily, Fizzbot has been loving his first Eurodventure which has been wonderful, and except for the 4 hour delay in PDX prior to our flight, followed by a rush to get to a train to Paris after we landed, and then today’s hoolabaloo, it has been great. Have fun in Mexico, and stay off the trains.


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