*I’ve moved!

You’ve found me!  Well, a fresh start with a new direction then.  This will become my very own place to sound off about all things photography related so that my wife doesn’t have to listen to me talk about taking pictures, or the latest greatest gadgets anymore, unless she feels like it anyway.   I would like to provide, for all of my friends and family interested in photography, a place to discuss technique and general concept be them professional, technical or artistic.  I get asked from time to time to help explain certain aspects about photography, digital manipulation and the business end of the stick.  I should be able to help explain them more concisely now via this blog.  Please let me know what you think, and feel free to contribute to the (hopefully) ongoing conversation.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “*I’ve moved!

  1. Be it. I think you meant “be it professional, technical,or artistic, etc…” Ha! Leave it to me to find the chink in the armor, the…oh, forget it. I was going to suggest that you have your editor wife proofread your blogs, but it would cancel out the purpose of getting to talk photo stuff without having to bother her. This is only my second view, but I look forward to blogging with you, as I think you have it way over me when it comes to photo knowledge and intelligent opinion. I do have lots of unintelligent opinions though. I am going on to your review of the GF1 and look forward to reading your’s and others’ opinions. (Are those possessive apostrophes in the right place? One minute a critic and the next a blubbering idiot.) Anyway, kudos to you, and I’m sure your editor spouse would agree that there is nothing more powerful or noble than the written word. As for me, I think rather it’s a photograph.

    P.S. The dictionary suggests that neither the words yours, or, by implication, others, needs a possessive apostrophe. Too late. It is what it is. Good luck and Godspeed.



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