*Exposure 4, it just keeps getting better.

I’ve been a huge fan of Alien Skin’s software for years now so I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m excited by their recent update to an already killer plugin.  Exposure 4 keeps the functional structure in tact and further enhances its skill set to fine tune it into a plugin that will help any photographer, or digital artist further realize their final vision.

Read on for my experience through this exciting new release…

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*Digital Film Tools – Film Stocks Plug-in!

Officially announced and available immediately for $95usd (still image plugin) or $195usd (video plugin) this new offering from Digital Film Tools gives you the same amazing layer based control as Tiffen Dfx v.3,  for 288 different film stock replications.  Read on for examples and more info…

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*About a boy, and his Hasselblad.

It’s easy to go through much of life paying attention to the times that one is unlucky, but if we spend all of our energy on ignoring the times we are lucky, it is easy to miss out on a lot of the fun life can provide.  I remember hearing about Hasselblads back in the day.  I’d never really considered medium format to be something I’d ever realistically get to play around with.  My limited expendable income was always directed to other areas.  As fortune and luck would have it, the father of a girl that I was dating, was a photographer.  Not just a photographer, but a connoisseur of all things photographic.  His history with photography was inspiring, his knowledge intriguing, his collection of cameras was a thing of beauty.  I knew, I needed to marry this girl.

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*Exposure 3, third time’s a charm!

Alien Skin's Exposure 3 makes your digital files instantly feel film like. - ©tyson robichaud photography 2010

I have been curious about the Alien Skin Exposure software plugin for Photoshop for a long time.  With the third iteration, Exposure3  has taken their film simulation software even further.  Read on for examples and reviews…

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(March 2012) Now that Exposure 4 has been released, you can read my updated review HERE!

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