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TRP Camera Straps is now Nauti Straps!  Find us HERE!

I’ve been building my own camera wrist straps for the last couple years.  After fielding many questions stemming from the blog, with my cameras showing up adorned with these straps, I’ve started to sell them. I use very high end yachting line that is built to be used in the most demanding sailing venues in the world.  Aside from working as a photographer, and photography blogger, I also work in the sailing industry, and have adapted this rope into camera straps and for various projects over the years.

I have sold these straps through my blog for a few years now, but I’ve switched it all over to now.  Pricing is the same for the Vector and Cascade wrist straps, and now I’m offering two new shoulder strap options with others in development!

You can order directly through the new, Nauti Straps online store HERE which has the option to pay via PayPal, or CC now!  If you’d like to order here, I still have the Vector and Cascades available directly here through PayPal links as listed below.  The links here include shipping where on, the shipping is separated (but the same cost).


These are all hand built by yours truly, and done so with pride, care and attention to detail.  Please allow 1-3 days from the time you place your order, to allow me to build one for you.  Time in transit depends on location, but normally varies between about 2-5 days in the US.  You can see what others have said at the bottom of the page, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

TRP Cascade Camera Wrist Strap


Available now in 4 different colors for $37usd delivered in the USA ($46usd delivered outside of the USA), the Cascade strap fixes to the camera via a strong, 170 lb test split ring and can be adjusted via a rubber O ring anywhere along the strap’s length to fit any wrist.  Made of a high performance, 8mm dual braid dyneema (spectra) and high tenacity polyester rope, this strap sits comfortably on the wrist.  Low profile and strong with a unique, mottled cover for a complimentary, contemporarily nautical statement when attached to your camera.



Order as:

  • Cascade Blue
  • Cascade Red
  • Cascade Black
  • Cascade Black/Red

TRP Vector Camera Wrist Strap


Available in four colors, using a new, high tech blended, 24 plait cover material, the Vector strap is a light, low profile, comfortable contemporary shooter’s strap.  If looking to save weight in the bag, this is a great strap.  Fits all sized cameras well, and fits to the camera strap lug via a strong, 170 lb test split ring.  The strap itself is hand spliced and finished with high strength, polyester whipping line and includes an adjustable O ring to secure the strap to your wrist keeping your camera safe.



Order as:

  • Vector Red
  • Vector Green
  • Vector Blue
  • Vector Black




Garda No Longer Available (email for availability)


If you’re looking for the SPEED HOLSTER STRAP, head over to to see if we have any left!


Please see the TOS and purchase agreements or grab a strap for you or a loved one at




If ordering from the EU, you can  email Tommaso – for availability.

You can see the construction and testing of the Garda Straps here:


See what others have said about my wrist straps below:


Let me know what you think about them, send me a picture of the strap in use and a link to your website, blog or flickr page so that we can connect with you!  Here are some thoughts from people using the wrist straps:

From Jeroen in The Netherlands

“I have been looking long time for the right strap to accompany my much beloved GM1. What I was something that would close easy around my wrist and the Cascade does! I am very happy to have found this special 7mm Cascade. Support by Tyson has been fast and excellent!”

See Jeroen’s photography HERE.



From Joe Maggio

“Love my new straps. Thx!!!”

11071593_10152858727201379_8431055995525287149_nFrom Giorgio Lumacconi (Click here to visit and see more from Giorgio)

“My new Cascade Strap looks cool in my Om-d!!”


P1020718 Final P1020722 Final

From billyburg (Click here to visit and see more from billyburg)

“Here is my new strap on my camera. I really like it. The wider diameter I think is a real bonus. It distributes the weight of the camera a bit better perhaps.

The strap is great and I can only say thanks again!”





WP_20140306_17_29_36_Pro From Chris (Most Deadly) Click HERE to visit Chris and see more of his photography on Flickr:

“Ive used many wrist straps in my time but the Garda Strap from Tyson Robichaud Photography is something a bit special…First off you notice that due to the straps thickness the weight of your camera is better distributed across the wrist, giving the illusion of a lighter camera, perfect for the long shooting sessions and all-dayers…Secondly, this thing is as strong as an ox; if you watch the video on the t&t section you’ll see that the super strong Dyneema runs through the core of this strap…In conclusion, this strap looks cool as hell but more importantly has the strength to provide real security and peace of mind. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”  

Chris has since ordered and received a couple more: WP_20140808_003

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From Rinaldo Click HERE to visit Rinaldo on Vimeo and HERE to visit him on Flickr:

“Loved it…. thanks!

Images are for your future customer’s gallery… 🙂
Best regards!

From Geoff:
“Received the strap and hooked it onto my NEX7 the day I got it – looks and feels awesome. Quality is great, there’s nothing like a hand-made product produced with care. Thanks so much, I hope you continue to have good interest in it!”


From Sven:
“Well Tyson…I think you have created a winner here…I do not think there needs to be any changes…you adding the little cinch was a great idea…I used it this weekend in some cold weather here in the mountains to shoot some rugby…and though it was not below freezing it was cold and this wrist strap remained soft and supple…did not even notice I had it on…the only thing I will change and only at certain times is the red tape…I like it for all other times except when I am going out to do street photography…a simple piece of black gaffers tape solves that issue…but really for all other purposes I like the red…it makes it more visible…when I lay it down somewhere it will make it easier to find…thanks again…I will use this daily…so I will keep you posted on the wear and tear.”


42 thoughts on “Camera Straps

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    • Thanks Mal,

      I’ve not yet tried (or tied) fly fishing, but look forward to doing it along with golf as I get a little deeper into life 🙂

      The splicing and tapering is coming from the nautical side of things, but translates easily to a camera strap as it were, and I guess may come in handy for fly tying too!




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  4. Real nice!

    A suggestion, though… no tapes, please. Whipping only. Lots and lots of whipping.

    The reason? Tape eventually falls apart. I’m a sailor. I taped ends of my ropes, they don’t last. Whipping does last…


    • Thank you Yesac13!

      I use tape because the Dyneema/Cordura single braid is a fairly loose 12 strand braid which is somewhat difficult to keep together while still feeding the dyneema core through it, at the ends at least. The tape is to keep the ends from loosening during the construction and tapering. I then sew and whip it, then cover the whole thing in a self adhesive rescue tape which is really cool stuff too. It has a ridiculous psi and heat resistance rating, great for a variety of tasks, but has worked well for me over the last year in this application as well. The main reason I wanted to use the rescue tape was to protect the waxed whipping line which I feel could be the weak point, becoming frayed and certainly the weakest of the line involved if it were to come into contact with a sharp edge, or repeated velcro, etc.

      Because the straps will be largely used in dry conditions, and the handling will be far different than that of line on deck, I think the tape will hold up well, and shouldn’t even be seen unless one cuts the red rescue tape off.

      I can certainly try to custom build one for you with only whipping if you’re interested, just let me know.




  5. Received the strap today, really cool and sooooo well made man. This really is a quality piece (not that I doubted it). Its really cool this arrived today as tomorrow is my birthday so good timing. I also received the LVF2 the other day so I will definitely be out over the next few days shooting.

    Thanks again for this Tyson, I am so happy with it! Best camera accessory I have owned!

    Oh and I took some shots for people to see

    Perfect Partners 2 GX1 & Garda Strap (Tyson Robichaud Photography)


  6. The T&T Camera strap is flat out awesome. It’s well made and fits me like a glove. Hands down; it’s a great strap. As soon as I get my next camera, I’ll order one for it as well. Good stuff Tyson; good stuff indeed. Thanks!


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  14. Thank you Tyson!! I’ve just received the strap and it is excellent indeed. Great dispatch time and packaging too. I’d recommend it to anyone. The rubber ring to cinch the strap around the wrist is one of those simple yet ingenious ideas that works so well. Great stuff.


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  17. I’ve received both straps. The smaller 6mm Garda strap works perfectly with my Panasonic GM1 and is now married to it. So fresh to be able to use one hand to carry it around. Thanks Tyson! It’s really solid and feels good and safe in my hands. Highly recommended!!!


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