*Time to sell! (Sony FE – all SOLD) and micro 4/3 gear for sale!!! **UPDATED-Again!**


Hello dear readers.  I’m downsizing my admittedly large collection as I’m wanting to minimize the gear around here, while drumming up funds to purchase new and exciting things to review.

Everything I’m selling is in wonderful shape, comes with the original boxes and all bits and pieces that they originally came with.  Payment via insured PayPal links, where you’ll just need to click, add the listed amount, and sign in through PayPal to pay.  Shipping within the US is included!  Prices are fair compared to used EX+ values at KEH, B&H and Adorama, but make me a reasonable offer and I’ll consider it.  I WILL NOT SHIP ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE US, but I will discount the Sony kit if all purchased together!

You can contact me (photosbytyson-at-gmail-dot-com) or via the Contact Form with any questions, but if it’s still showing as available on this post, it should be ready to go and I’ll have it shipped by the next business day.  If for whatever reason I get two payments for the same item before I’m able to update, I’ll refund the full amount of the latter via PayPal.

Without further ado…




In excellent, like new shape, 1.5 years old and only about 10-11,000 shutter actuations.  42.4 megapixel sensor, with in body 5 axis image stabilization, environmental sealing and the same sensor as the newer a7RIII (that retails for $3198!). 

According to Sony: “Designed to last, the updated magnesium alloy body has improved weather sealing and a robust lens mount for working with large lenses. Also, the shutter has a reduced-vibration design, cutting down shutter vibrations by about 50%. Also, it now uses an electronic front curtain shutter and is rated for 500,000 cycles. Silent shooting is also available for a quiet shooting experience when needed.”

Never been dropped, splashed on, bumped or hit with anything.  I’ve used this mostly as an indoor studio shooter for comparison pieces and projects. Has two Sony batteries included along with a wall charger, USB charger, Original (unused) strap and all cords, etc.  Also includes the Capture One Express (for Sony) software from Phase One which I’ve never downloaded.  In original box with all documentation.   Currently retails for $1998.00


Sony/Zeiss Sonnar FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA T* – SOLD

This lens is amazing.  Includes hood and caps, all paperwork in original box.  Glass is perfect.  Lens barrel does have a small cosmetic scratch (see pic above).  Otherwise it looks and shoots like new. Retails for $998.00


Carl Zeiss Batis Sonnar FE 85mm f/1.8 T* – SOLD

A truly wonderful portrait optic, and one that I kept over the stellar Sigma ART 85/1.4 lens for its weight and size savings along with being optically amazing.  In pristine shape.  All caps and paperwork included in original box. This is a hard one to be getting rid of.  Retails for $1199.00


Metabones mk V smart EF-FE adapter – SOLD


This smart adapter will allow you to use any Canon EF mount lens with full autofocus, metering, aperture control and proper EXIF info.  The auto focus is remarkably fast, and with firmware updates has absolutely kicked the crap out of the initial sluggishness. You can see the before and after Auto Focus performance after firmware updates, HERE  (using the previous mk IV, but performance is the same and is fully compatible with the Sony a7RII).  Retails for $399.00


Vello AF Deluxe Extension Tube set – SOLD

Includes a 10mm and 16mm, full metal mount, stackable set of Extension Tubes that enable full Auto Focus for Sony E mount lenses on Sony E mount cameras.  These reduce your minimum focusing distance to enable close up/macro photography using an E mount lens.  I’ve used these extension tubes for one project with the Zeiss 85mm 1.8 Batis, and they’ve been wrapped in plastic in their box since.  Literally like new.  (Keep in mind using extension tubes will also eliminate the lens’ ability to focus to infinity when used, so these are for close up photography.)  An inexpensive way to utilize any E mount lens for macro/close up shooting.  No glass elements so image quality is not compromised. Retails for $82.50



If you’re looking to get into the Sony landscape, want the same a7RIII sensor without the premium, this kit will give you a huge kick in the right direction with two of the highest performing optics (in the Zeiss 55 and 85 Batis) on one of the top 7 sensors currently on the market, and that includes Medium Format sensors!!!   If you are like me, and have some Canon lenses laying around, the Metabones adapter is KILLER!  My Canon lenses perform better on this camera, than they do on my 5DmkII by a long, long way.  Or, save with the bundle, and sell the metabones adapter for profit.  Total kit would retail for $4,676.50 plus any applicable tax!



Panasonic Lumix LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25mm f/1.4 ASPH$375.00 (pay via PayPal.me Link)

A beauty on any micro 4/3 camera.  A great combination of lens speed, size and weight.  Leica designed, Panasonic manufactured.  Best of both worlds.  Caps, hood and paperwork all included in original box.  The lens is in wonderful shape and has never had a drop, bump or splash.  Glass is perfect.  See the pic above of the only cosmetic blemish on the barrel.  Retails for $597.99


Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 75mm f/1.8$600.00 (pay via PayPal.me Link)

This lens stacks up against any other for the system, or any other system for that matter.  I shot this against my old EF 135mm f/2L  lens on a 5DII, and it not only matched the IQ, but beat it in chromatic aberration control.  It’s an amazing portrait lens, and has the ability to destroy backgrounds into bokehfied buttery smoothness.  Glass is immaculate, and I am including a third party, matching hood which Olympus doesn’t include (or at least didn’t when I bought this).  Original box, caps and included hood.  In immaculate shape. Retails for $899.00

Well, that’s that!  Contact me with any questions, but if it’s showing, it should be available!  Hurry before I have to resort to Craig’s List…

Thanks for the read, and I hope all’s well.

Happy Shooting,


6 thoughts on “*Time to sell! (Sony FE – all SOLD) and micro 4/3 gear for sale!!! **UPDATED-Again!**

  1. Wow Tyson …what a ride…lost touch with you there…had to go back and read why you are selling your gear…Enjoy your new Canon …hope it works for you…for me ibis is ok but my style of shooting…I rarely need it…shooting rugby at 1/1000 th of a second…or shooting macro…on a tripod…but I understand and the lack of ibis in a camera turns many a person away…you made me laugh…referring to sonyas the gorgeous woman with no personality…that hits the nail on the head…I have been a Fuji shooters the past few years…I have gotten older and do not want to carry heavy equipment…Fuji meets my needs and the cameras…I find user friendly…also the sight of that olympus 75 mm…brings back great memories…what a fine lens….I think it would be hard to find a sharper lens…sometimes it was so sharp…I had to soften a portrait o r two in post…good luck with the new gear…be well my friend


    • Hey man! Yeah, a lot of life happening of late, which has kept me away from writing and reviewing. Thanks for the swing by and comment. After Panasonic pushed out the GX9, I thought long and hard about switching over to Fuji. Had an Xpro2 and couple lenses in a shopping cart, but just never pulled the trigger. I’ve always been curious and somewhat enamored with the Fuji approach. A great system from what I’ve seen.

      The Oly 75 is clinically sharp and I’ve always felt lenses like it, and the Nocticron 42.5 produce results for the m4/3 system that stand up to any system out right now for most all uses. They’re amazing.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I hope everything is well.

      All the best,


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