*Holy S#!† The new FW updates for the @Sony a7II and #Metabones EF smart adapter have created a monster.


Sorry for my dirty, foul mouth. I’m just blown away by how much better my a7II and Canon EF lens setup has become overnight.  Long overdue, the Sony a7II got the much ballyhooed Uncompressed 14 bit RAW update (as opposed to that weird 11/7 compressed stuff, which is still nicely, an option) along with the return of the on sensor Phase Detection AF to the a7, pro-sumer camera with third party lenses.  Why they kept this out to begin with is beyond me, and really one of my gripes with the Sony approach as a whole, but now that it’s here, it is friggin’ amazing.  It is like I have an entirely new camera.  C’mon in for firmware update links, and a video comparison between the auto focus speed and performance from the original firmware on the a7II and Metabones mark IV adapter, and now that they’ve both very recently been updated…

First, here is the newly updated performance:

Pretty fast eh?  Keep in mind that this is done under identical lighting as I’d done my original AF video, before the firmware updates.  See that below:

See what I mean? Human waste of the most pious order, indeed.

Find the a7II and Metabones EF to FE mount smart adapter via the links below.

Sony a7II at Adorama HERE (includes a free Audio Technica shotgun mic) and B&H HERE

Metabones EF>FE (canon to sony) Mark 4 Smart Adapter at Adorama HERE and B&H HERE

You can find the firmware updates for the Sony a7II via the Sony support website HERE, and the Metabones EF Lens to Sony E Mount smart adapter update via the Metabones website HERE.

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Thanks for the read, and happy shooting!



9 thoughts on “*Holy S#!† The new FW updates for the @Sony a7II and #Metabones EF smart adapter have created a monster.

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  2. I was hoping you might do something on the A7ii after the firmware update. Over the crazy Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend I used the A7Rii with 55mm 1.8 Zeiss Sony in my local camera shop. I gasped when I uploaded the images to Lightroom. Much more impressive than anything I’ve ever got out of my GX7 and Oly 25mm 1.8 combo. Its too expensive a camera for me, but with this update it looks like the A7ii might be a more affordable way into the system. Now if only they’d incorporate a touch screen and improve the menus for the A7iii I know what my next camera will be.


    • Yeah, these cameras are still buggy as hell, but through the various firmware updates, they’ve started to get a little bit better. This recent update on the a7II has turned it into a totally different camera, but arguably what this camera should have been in the first place so it can be seen in one of two ways, really. I completely agree on touch screen and a total overhaul of the UI, and with some more debugging, I’d say they’re just about there.


  3. It’s kind of sad that Sony didn’t start with the A7 Mk II instead of waiting a year or so. It really is a good beginning, and with the latest firmware updates, it may get Nikon off their butts, to provide some competition.


    • There will always need to be room for improvement, of course, but I don’t understand having the tech built into a machine only to intentionally hinder it at the time of launch. As for Nikon, I think they’re doing pretty well. They have Sony working out all their sensor tech (and top testing sensors as well currently) while they can focus resources elsewhere. I think both Nikon and Canon have been way too conservative and with Sony taking both of their lunch money as of late, I’d hope that both will start to wake up and use their weight to really innovate as opposed to merely push out incremental updates every 3-5 years (and no I don’t consider the 5Ds, revolutionary myself).


      • There is an interesting, crazy rumor about Nikon buying Samsung’s NX1 technology, which might explain why Samsung has been pulling out of so many markets suddenly.

        It would be exciting to see the emotional successor to the D300 as a mirror-less model.


  4. Hi Tyson many thanks for all the links. I shoot video with the A7II and was reluctant to buy the Metabones EF-FE adapter as a lot of electronic interface didn’t function when I tried it out.


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